German Shepherd Training

There are many techniques and methods used for German shepherd training. There are certain methods that are used on a specific type of breed, but for the most part; dog training is all about patience, technique and repetition. Training is important in order to tame a dog, however, some people may want to train for other reasons, such as: to behave properly around their small children, to attack intruders or to serve as an assistant dog for the disabled. Whatever the reason is, there are some common tricks that can be used in order to tame your dog. Here are some foundations for basic training:

Create a strong owner-dog relationship:

Why would a German shepherd listen to you if it doesn’t trust you and your instincts? This is the first problem many people have when attempt training. They have not taken the time to bond with their pet which makes it easy for the dog to go astray or listen to other people’s instructions and commands instead of your own. There must be a mutual respect. Inflicting pain, verbal or emotional abuse will not get the job done and can usually result in the animal turning on the trainer. This has happened many times with owners that illegally submit their German shepherd to rigorous training for things such as “dog fighting” and breeding. Try to spend some time with the dog by taking him for walks. Throw a Frisbee or ball with them, and reward them with treats. Hug the dog and talk to them as well. Yes, dogs may not talk in our language, but they understand that you are trying to communicate with them and respond to your voice.

Make your German shepherd sociable:

One common mistake first time German shepherd owners have when trying to train their dog is; they never allow them to socialize with other animals. Of course, some dogs cannot get along with others because they are very territorial; however, if you have an anti-social dog, he may become anxious or uncomfortable with taking demands. This can be especially true when in the presence of other animals or people. A dog that is sociable is a happy dog.

Dog Behavior:

The most common reason why owners want to start German shepherd training is to instill proper behavior. This may be necessary when the dog is introduced to new environmental conditions. The biggest cause of behavior problems have to do with separation anxiety. Try to start training when the German shepherd is still a puppy. Make sure to set boundaries and to stick with them. Make sure to identify triggers to bad behavior in order to modify them.