German Shepherd Potty Training

One of the most challenging training tasks that you will ever undertake with your new addition may be German shepherd potty training. Thankfully, with a bit of patience you can successfully potty train over the course of a long weekend.

Gather the materials that you will need before starting your German Shepherd dog training. You will need a collar, leash, crate, and dog treats. A kitchen timer is optional, but is highly beneficial to have. Wake up at the same time each day that you are potty training your German shepherd. Ideally, this should be the time that you will generally be waking up upon the completion potty training. Immediately take your dog outside on the leash. Keep him outside only long enough to go to the bathroom. Do not let him play outside during potty training. Once your puppy has relieved himself, reward him right away with praise and a treat, and bring him inside for breakfast.

Thirty minutes after your German shepherd has finished breakfast, take him outside to go to the bathroom again. Make sure, however, that you watch him during the 30 minutes after breakfast and take your dog outside sooner if he starts to sniff the ground like he is trying to find the perfect place to relieve himself. Reward your dog with lots of praise and a treat every time he goes to the bathroom outside. After going to the bathroom, bring him back inside for some indoor playtime. After playtime, he will need to go back outside to go to the bathroom. This pattern should be completed for all 3 of the puppy’s meals or 2 of the dog’s meals.

Keep your German shepherd in a crate at night to minimize accidents. Dogs do not want to soil their living space. When you put your dog in a kennel, he believes that the confines of the kennel are the boundaries of his home. Your puppy will go to great lengths not to relieve himself in his kennel to avoid soiling his living quarters and also to avoid having to sit or lie down in the mess. Kennels are sometimes thought of as inhumane, but kennels are incredibly humane. They provide your canine with a place to call his own. He will come to value it as he grows older.

German shepherd potty training should be consistent and should include a lot of praise for doing well.

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