Stop German Shepherd Biting

It’s important to stop German shepherd biting when a dog is young in order to prevent a bad behavioral habit from taking root. A puppy has a natural inclination to try its teeth out on a variety of things, including its owner. However, there are ways that an owner can show a puppy that biting a person is unacceptable behavior. Two of the most important elements involved in successful German shepherd training are consistency of action and the use of a lot of praise when a dog obeys.

A common sense approach is the best one to take when you’re discouraging your puppy from biting. It’s a well-known fact that puppies love to receive lots of attention and petting from their owners. If you’re playing with your German shepherd puppy and it gives you a nip or bites you, let out a sharp “ow!” After getting your puppy’s attention with your verbal response, get up and walk away from it for a few minutes. Your actions have delivered two significant messages to your puppy. One, its biting behavior was not welcomed by you. Secondly, playtime stopped immediately after it gave you the bite. If your actions are consistent each time your puppy bites or nips you, then the animal will eventually get the message that its biting means the end of a fun playtime.

Rewarding the appropriate behavior for a dog, is just as important in the training process as responding to inappropriate behavior. For example, if during your play time your puppy begins to nuzzle or lick you instead of biting, be sure to reward your German shepherd with lots of praise and petting. Your consistent actions will convey to the puppy that if it doesn’t bite, it’ll receive lots of extra attention.

Another suggestion to help stop German shepherd puppy biting is to buy some appealing chew toys. Whenever you see your puppy chewing on these toys, give it lots of petting and praise. These safe toys will help your puppy satisfy its need to chew while still obeying the no-biting rule.

A new puppy can be a wonderful and playful addition to a family’s household, however, puppy ownership also entails a lot of work. The entire family must display patience and persistence while training a puppy. Taking the time to stop German shepherd biting habits from the beginning, will allow a family to enjoy their beloved pet’s presence in the house for years to come.

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