Stop German Shepherd Nipping

German shepherd lovers have to help their puppy to stop nipping or biting as soon as the problem starts. There are several German Shepherd training methods you can employ to discourage this kind of behavior. The first thing to remember is to never hit or slap your puppy. There are many effective methods you can use without it being abusive.

The first method you can use to stop German shepherd nipping is removing your hand and give him a toy to chew on instead or a piece of ice if he is a young puppy teething. You can also say “No Bite” immediately after he nips or bites you. Be consistent and say the same thing every time. German shepherds naturally stop biting each other while ruff housing when one of the dogs yelps because he has been bitten too hard. This method works especially well for young puppies.

The most popular method is to say Ouch like you’re really in pain and to move away from him. The technique is to startle him and stop playing with him for a while after he nips you. He will quickly learn that if he bites you his play toy (you) will go away.

It would also be helpful to teach your puppy the obedience command “Leave it!”

Sometimes you have a bad biting case on your hands. If the above methods don’t work for your puppy you can try this. When your puppy latches onto your hand to nip you immediately say “No!” and as quick as you can without hurting your puppy put your thumb inside in his mouth right under his tongue. Then put your other finger under his chin holding it there, not too tightly for around 10 seconds. This will make your puppy feel uncomfortable and he won’t be able to bite you.

The first two methods are quite effective and work the majority of the time. Words of advice remember to be consistent in training your puppy. As a last resort you can always take your puppy to dog obedience school to help the situation. At home methods should be tried first to stop German shepherd nipping plus he will be trained by the person who loves him the most in this world, his owner.

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